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Saldehco Pty Ltd

Saldehco is a South African Company that won the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) bid for the Design, Financing, Construction, Operation, Maintenance and eventual handover of the first dedicated Facility at the Port of Saldanha.

The vision of the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) to bring the private sector as partners to finance infrastructural growth in the South African economy will be realised through innovative approaches such as the awarding of this concession.

South Africa is taking advantage of some of its greatest assets in the ocean economy and tapping further into her potential. This revitalisation and extension of Infrastructure will develop the South African Marine industry, reduce the operating costs for International marine traffic and create a local ecosystem for SME growth through the Saldanha offshore support base - that is an enabler.

Saldanha Offshore Support Base (SOSB)

As one of the largest and deepest natural ports in the southern hemisphere, Saldanha bay’s natural value to South Africa is something that TNPA wanted to make commercially viable.

When TNPA put out a call for proposals to the private sector to partner in this undertaking Saldehco was the successful winner of the process.

The Sadanha offshore supply base (SOSB) will offer services in four major components;

1. Quayside area, (material loading off-loading, storage)

2. Pipe storage/coating,

3. Marine fuels storage & ancillary pipeline

4. Lube blending facility

5. Fabrication Area

SOSB kicked off early Access in August 2022, to operate an offshore supply base in the port on a dedicated quay, as well as providing specialist and generalist services for both the oil and gas industry and the marine industry. For more on this project including how we plan to support the local community in conjunction with it’s partners - click here

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